Time For a Change

After 2 years of blogging I’ve decided it’s time to switch things up. I’m changing up not only the look of the blog, but also the content. There are plenty of sites/blogs/columns that take care of all the statistics and serious analysis. I’ve decided to focus less on the serious analysis of sports and instead take a look at sports through a more…alternative lens. You’ll get what I mean when you start reading some of the posts that will follow in the next little while.

Why the change? I found the posts I enjoyed writing the most were the ones where I was not scrounging around looking up stats and spending tons of time researching  They were the posts where I was just being me, a guy who likes to entertain and to make people laugh. They were the posts that my non-sports loving wife would read and be interested in because they were funny and could be read by anyone, not just hardcore sports junkies.

With change there will likely be some growing pains as I tinker with material until I find the writer’s groove. I hope you like the change and please, if you read something you like let me know and also let me know if something blows heavy chunks.

Thanks for reading and I’ll upload my first post in the new ‘genre’ soon.

– Love Sal