2013-2014 NHL Predictions

Yikes, its been a long time since I’ve posted. I blame Grand Theft Auto 5 for sucking away all my time. If you don’t already have this game you should go get it now and watch as it destroys your marriage, friendships and personal hygiene. Check out Conan’s preview of the game below

Anyway, enough geek talk. Lets talk about Canadian Christmas…the start of the NHL hockey season. If you’ve been following my rantings the last couple of years you know I like to make predictions at the start of seasons. Sometimes my predictions aren’t half bad (most of my NHL predictions last year), but sometimes they plain out suck (most of my baseball predictions for this year). So I’ll try to aim to land somewhere between psychic and pathetic with this years predictions.

The Absolute Worst Team of the Year: Calgary Flames

Quick…name their starting goalie…thought so.

That aint Kipper

That aint Kipper

Or how about 5 players?

You lie if you say you can do it.

Biggest Comeback (team): Philadelphia Flyers

Of course they still don’t have a proven goalie, but at least they have 2 goalies from the planet Earth now after getting rid of this guy

Biggest Comeback (player): Roberto Luongo

After getting pooped on by the city of Vancouver and even his boss, good Ol Lu has a chance to show all the haters that he’s still an elite goalie.

I’m thinking it’s redemption time for the Italian stallion

Best performance by a 40 year old: Daniel Alfredsson

Call him a traitor if you like, but I call him smart.

The guy wants to win a cup and the Wings give him a better shot to do it.

Most annoying “controversy” of the year: Fighting in hockey

This debate has already started after day 1 of the season. Sadly I don’t see this topic going away anytime soon. I’ve always been ok with fighting as long as it’s not want of those premeditated fights where 2 goons are just fighting for the hell of it.

Will my beloved Vancouver Canucks make the playoffs? 



The whole roster has something to prove…

Lu trying to prove he’s still a stud

David Booth trying to prove he can play more than 10 games in a season

Alex Edler trying to prove he isn’t a massive bust

The Twins trying to prove they are still superstars and deserve another contract extension

Kesler trying to prove that he’s more than a racy magazine spread

Biggest name traded during the seasonThomas Vanek

He’s in the last year of his contract which already makes him a good candidate to get shipped.

However, he also publicly expressed his displeasure of the teams direction…hmmm, probably not a sign of long term commitment.

Touch me while you can

Touch me while you can

Biggest bust of the season: David Clarkson

I like the guy, but the Leafs blew way too much money ($5.2 mill cap hit???) on a 30-40 point scorer.

If he can get it into the 50-60 point range than the $ seems a lot more reasonable….but he won’t, it’s not like he’s pulling a Rob Brown and all of a sudden playing along side a Mario Lemieux.

Best in the west: LA Kings

It pains me not to pick my Canucks, but even I’m not that delusional. The Kings are beasts: elite goalie, deeper than deep on defence and size and grit up front….sigh

Stanley Cup Champ: The Van…just kidding…Pittsburgh Penguins

Yeah I know their goalie is made of swiss cheese, but this team has enough firepower to overcome the cheese between the pipes. Having the top 2 players in the world on your team probably helps a bit.

Top Sniper: Steven Stamkos

Keeps getting better and better…scary

Top Goalie: Henrik Lundqvist

I think I choose him every year…I’ll probably do so until he retires

Top Defenseman: Erik Karlsson

As long as he stays away from Matt Cooke’s skates this year he should be the best d-man once again

Young’n of the year: Nathan McKinnon

He’ll get plenty of time with the up and coming Avs…he may score 40 points, but also be a – 24

Time it will take me to do another post: 1 week

Should be enough time for me to finish GTA 5 by then right?