The Game of the Year

Is there any game a Canucks fan looks more forward to than the Leafs Vs. Canucks? Sure, there are bigger rivals like the Blackhawks, Bruins, Flames; however, beating those teams gives me a fraction of the jollies that I get when the Canucks beat the Leafs. My dislike for the Leafs has been increasing with each passing season as they keep adding players that I’ve always wanted to pee on. Take a look at this list of players Canucks fans:

Dave Bolland (ex-Blackhawks scum and Sedin abuser)

Sedin sisters eh?

Sedin sisters eh?

Dion Phaneuf (ex-Flames loudmouth and Elisha Cuthbert lover)

He does have Elisha Cuthbert tho...

He does have Elisha Cuthbert tho…

Mason Raymond (don’t even get me started)

If he scores tonight...I might shart

If he scores tonight…I might shart

Joffrey Lupul (what is this? Game of Thrones? Who names their kid Joffrey?)

Kesler's is better

Kesler’s is better

Nazem Kadri (Yes, please threaten to hold out after playing in 40 NHL games, you are the 2nd coming of Jesus)

Just weird...

Just weird…

and the best of all Phil Kessel (look at that f$%*ing face and imagine him goating you into take a penalty and then swinging his stick at you like an amped up lumberjack).

Keep that stick away from the Sedins

Keep that stick away from the Sedins

Usually when you loathe another team and it’s players you secretly would still want their players to be on your team. Like say the Blackhawks…sure all us Canucks fans say we hate Patrick Kane, Duncan Keith, etc. However, you’re lying if you say you wouldn’t love to have them on your team. However, I can honestly say that I’d vomit, pee and pooh at the same time (look it up, it’s possible) if we somehow acquired any of the above players on our team.

Tonight’s also special because the Canucks will be honouring the most skilled player to ever don their jersey, Pavel Bure.

I find it kind of weird that the Canucks would choose tonight to honour Bure as the arena will be filled with Leafs fans and you know there will be some drunken Leafs fans chanting “Go Leafs Go” as they raise the Bure Jersey to the rafters. However, I guess the Canucks brass just wanted to honour Bure on a night when it’s most likely the Canucks will win…