Rebuild, Retool, Reload, Re________

How about absolutely reeeeeeediculous?

A crazy week and a bit here in Vancouver, the hockey soap opera capital of the world.

First there’s a rumour that this beast of a man wanted to take his talents elsewhere.

Then the coaching staff slaps their #1 goalie in the face by benching him for the game he has looked forward to playing in all year.

This leads to the #1 goalie’s agent to ream out the GM on the phone demanding a trade.

Which leads to the GM sending the best goalie in franchise history to Florida for a 3rd line centre and a failed goalie of the future.

Your 3rd line centre of the near future

Your 3rd line centre of the future

Then when it looks clear that the path to the future is selling off valuable assets for a look to tomorrow…the GM decides he wants to hold onto his most valuable commodities for an almost impossible playoff push.


If that sounds insane, it’s because it is. If anyone in the Canucks brass honestly thinks this team has a long playoff run in them they need to castrate themselves. What about this team screams playoff contender? The terrible power play, the fact that the team can’t score, the lack of speed, the lack of youthful energy, the 2 back up goalies now being counted on to shut the door?

The Canucks had a chance today to start trading in their still valuable assets for much needed youth and draft picks. Instead they failed to capitalize when their leverage was at it’s highest and instead will see what they can do in the Summer. The only logic that makes sense here is that Gillis was told by ownership to not make any major moves because they didn’t want him to f$%k anything else up for the next GM that will take over after this season. Yes, I’m predicting Gillis will be canned before this summers draft. Seriously…how can he not be fired? Failed trades, a virtually empty prospects cupboard, he traded 2 elite goalies  and got no superstar caliber player back in return, he financially hamstrung this franchise for the next decade, he limited future trade partners by giving almost the entire roster no move clauses, he’s grown an ugly ass beard.

It sucks Canucks fans, the window has finally slammed shut. Here’s hoping the new regime can hit the reset button this summer and put this franchise back in the right direction.