Wife’s Bracket Buster Day 1

Shining moments coming up

Shining moments coming up

March Madness is upon us and that means anyone and everyone is filling out tourney brackets.

A couple years ago I posted weekly NFL picks and for fun I’d add in the wife’s picks.

My wife has zero interest in sports. Her picks are based on the teams names and what would happen if the actual animals/people/objects actually met in a field of battle.

See here for samples of her previous picks.

Here are her Day 1 picks…fine I’ll put my picks in too…but I’m scurred she’ll beat me.

Dayton Flyers vs. Ohio State Buckeyes

Wifey chooses: Flyers

Sal chooses: Buckeyes

Wifey’s rationale: She looked at the mascots and without hesitation she said the Flyer mascot would beat the crap out of the Buckeye mascot. Stronger jawline she says.

American University Eagles vs. Wisconsin Badgers

Wifey chooses: Eagles

Sal Chooses Badgers

Wifey’s rationale: In an eagle vs. badger matchup she thinks the aerial attack advantage gives the eagles the edge in this one. The land based furballs don’t stand a chance against those talons.

Pittsburgh Panthers vs. Colorado Buffaloes

Wifey chooses: Buffaloes

Sal chooses: Panthers

Wifey’s rationale: She likes the size of buffaloes and thinks a healthy herd of buffaloes would strike fear into a group of panthers causing them to scatter

Harvard Crimson vs. Cincinnati Bearcats

Wifey chooses: Crimson

Sal chooses:  Bearcats

Wifey’s rationale: She said the first thing that came to mind when she heard crimson is a crimson tide. Cats don’t usually like water and thus the crimson would wash dem cats straight outta the joint

Western Michigan Broncos vs. Syracuse Orange

Wifey chooses: Broncos

Sal chooses: Orange

Wifey’s rationale: What kind of team name is orange? Is it just a colour? The fruit? How can a colour battle a horse? This one’s easy

BYU Cougars vs Oregon Ducks

Wifey chooses: Cougars

Sal chooses: Ducks

Wifey’s rationale: Ducks have no chance against whatever cougar you choose, be it the 40 year old female kind or the hungry wild cat

Albany Great Danes vs Florida Gators

Wifey chooses: Gators

Sal chooses: Gators

Wifey’s rationale: no contest

Delaware Fightin’ Blue Hens vs Michigan Spartans

Wifey chooses: Spartans

Sal chooses: Spartans

Wifey rationale: Chickens? C’mon now seriously, who would pick chickens?

Saint Joseph’s Hawks vs Connecticut Huskies

Wifey chooses: Huskies

Sal chooses: Hawks

Wifey Rationale: This is a tough one. Hawks would get a lot of good shots in from the air, but in the end they’re just not big enough to take down a group of big huskies

Wofford Terriers vs Michigan Wolverines

Wifey chooses: Wolverines

Sal chooses: Wolverines

Wifey rationale: No way a little dog has a shot against a wolverine…no chance

North Carolina State Wolfpack vs. Saint Louis Billikens

Wifey chooses: Billikens

Sal chooses: Billikens

Wifey rationale: I showed her a picture of a Billiken and she shuddered and said those things will scare anything

North Dakota State Bison vs. Oklahama Sooners

Wifey chooses: Sooners

Sal chooses: Sooners

Wifey Rationale: Bisons have no shot against a group of crazy settlers

Milwaukee Panthers vs. Villanova Wildcats

Wifey chooses: Wildcats

Sal chooses: Wildcats

Wifey rationale: This is another virtual toss up. The wild in Wildcats was the deciding factor

Arizona State Sun Devils vs. Texas Longhorns

Wifey chooses: Sun Devils

Sal chooses: Longhorns

Wifey rationale: A team of devils seems unstoppable doesn’t it?

Manhattan Jaspers vs. Louisville Cardinals

Wifey chooses: Cardinals

Sal chooses: Cardinals

Wifey rationale: The wife says her google search of a Jasper turned up either a cow or a sheep. Either option she says doesn’t scream winner

New Mexico State Aggies vs. San Diego State Aztecs

Wifey chooses: Aztecs

Sal chooses: Aztecs

Wifey rationale: The Aztecs are violent aren’t they? WTF is an Aggie?

There you have it…please don’t laugh if the wife beats me.