Wife’s Bracket Buster – Day 2

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Let’s take a look at how the wife is doing thus far…She’s 7-5 so far with just the night games remaining.

I’m kind of scared to check my record…8-4…pretty damn close.

She’s found this experience fun (I’ll take any interest in sports even if it’s not real interest) so let’s keep going with it.

Onto day 2!

Keep your eyes on the game perverts

Keep your eyes on the game perverts

Mercer Bears vs. Duke Blue Devils

Wifey’s pick: Blue Devils

Sal’s pick: Blue Devils

Wifey’s rationale: She likes what happened with the Billikens…she now believes in supernatural beings

Nebraska Cornhuskers vs. Baylor Bears

Wifey’s pick: Bears

Sal’s pick: Bears

Wifey’s rationale: A person who husks corn vs. an angry bear…actually the bear doesn’t even need to be angry…hmmm

Stanford Cardinal vs. New Mexico Lobos

Wifey’s pick: Lobos

Sal’s pick: Lobos

Wifey’s rationale: a small bird against a wolf? Massacre

Weber St. Wildcats vs. Arizona Wildcats

Wifey’s picks: Weber St. Wildcats

Sal’s pick: Arizona Wildcats

Wifey’s rationale: the oracle inside her lead her to this decision she says

Massachusetts Minutemen vs. Tennessee Volunteers

Wifey’s pick: Minutemen

Sal’s Pick: Minutemen

Wifey’s rationale: She thinks the angry Boston tea party militiamen would outlast the southern volunteers (she’s assuming the volunteers are in fact volunteer fighters not just volunteers)

Louisiana Ragin’ Cajun vs. Creighton Blue Jays

Wifey’s pick: Ragin’ Cajun

Sal’s pick: Blue Jays

Wifey’s rationale: They sound spicy

East Kentucky Colonels vs. Kansas Jayhawks

Wifey’s pick: Colonels

Sal’s pick: Jayhawks

Wifey’s rationale: KFC vs. a bird…I’ll take KFC (she must be hungry because I don’t think fried chicken when I see that school name)

Oklahoma St. Cowboys vs. Gonzaga Bulldogs

Wifey’s pick: Cowboys

Sal’s pick: Cowboys

Wifey’s rationale: big burly men should be able to tame runty little bulldogs

George Washington Colonials vs. Memphis Tigers

Wifey’s pick: Tigers

Sal’s pick: Tigers

Wifey’s rationale: I like Tigers and a colonial is just an architectural style

Cal Poly Mustangs vs. Wichita St. Shockers

Wifey’s pick: Shockers

Sal’s pick: Shockers

Wifey’s rationale: you made me this way you pervert!

Providence Friars vs. North Carolina Tar Heels

Wifey’s pick: Tar Heels

Sal’s pick: Tar Heels

Wifey’s rationale: I don’t trust monks

Stephen F. Austin Lumberjacks vs. VCU Rams

Wifey’s pick: Lumberjacks

Sal’s pick: Lumberjacks

Wifey’s rationale: Can’t you see a theme here? I like big burly men

Coastal Carolina Chanticleers vs. Virginia Cavaliers

Wifey’s pick: Cavaliers

Sal’s pick: Cavaliers

Wifey’s rationale: I’ll take the guys with swords over some angry roosters any day

Kansas St. Wildcats vs. Kentucky Wildcats

Wifey’s pick: Kansas St.

Sal’s pick: Kentucky

Wifey’s rationale: The award for most un-original team name goes to all these wildcat teams. The wizard of Oz will be on the Kansas team’s side

What's with all the Wildcats

What’s with all the Wildcats

North Carolina Central Eagles vs. Iowa St. Cyclones

Wifey’s pick: Cyclones

Sal’s pick: Cyclones

Wifey’s rationale: Really, do I even have to say why a cyclone would win against a bird?

Tulsa Golden Hurricane vs. UCLA Bruins

Wifey’s pick: Golden Hurricane

Sal’s pick: Bruins

Wifey’s rationale: Not sure what a golden hurricane is, but I think I’ll take natural disasters every time