Wife’s Bracket Buster – Day 3

Not a good day for the wife’s picks yesterday as she went 7-9.

My picks were pretty solid though as I went 12-4.

Wifey is looking for revenge today so onto the picks.

Pittsburgh Panthers vs. Florida Gators

Wifey’s pick: Gators

Sal’s pick: Gators

Wifey’s rationale: A cat doesn’t stand a chance against a gator…this one’s going to get messy

Hungry for some kitties

Hungry for some kitties

Saint Louis Bilikens vs. Louisville Cardinals

Wifey’s pick: Bilikens

Sal’s pick: Cardinals

Wifey’s rationale: Unfazed by the Blue Devils loss yesterday, she still believes in the supernatural

Looks cute...kind of creepy cute...is there such a thing as creepy cute?

Looks cute…kind of creepy cute…is there such a thing as creepy cute?

Texas Longhorns vs. Michigan Wolverines

Wifey’s pick: Longhorns

Sal’s pick: Wolverines

Wifey’s rationale: She said she’s going against her picking theory in this one…I asked for further details but she’s giving me the stone face…she must know something

North Dakota State Bisons vs. San Diego State Aztecs

Wifey’s pick: Aztecs

Sal’s pick: Aztecs

Wifey’s rationale: A group of Aztecs would annihilate a herd of bison in seconds she says…she seems very confident on this one…you should see the grin on her face…kind of scary actually

Mmmmmm heart sacrifices...

Mmmmmm heart sacrifices…

Dayton Flyers vs. Syracuse Orange

Wifey’s pick: Flyers

Sal’s pick: Orange

Wifey’s rationale: Still in love with the Flyers’ mascot and his strong jawline. She also seems to really dislike the Orange…must be her years wearing a Home Depot apron that leaves her sour

Oregon Ducks vs. Wisconsin Badgers

Wifey’s pick: Badgers

Sal’s pick: Ducks

Wifey’s rationale: What’s a duck gunna do? Quack them to death?

Harvard Crimson vs. Michigan State Spartans

Wifey’s pick: Spartans

Sal’s pick: Spartans

Wifey’s rationale: She said the Spartans make her think of Spartacus and all those topless ripped guys in those 300 movies



UConn Huskies vs. Villanova Wildcats

Wifey’s pick: Huskies

Sal’s pick: Wildcats

Wifey’s rationale: She has a hate on for Wildcat teams right now. She said she googled wildcat photos and says they’re scrawny.