Wife’s Bracket Buster – Day 4

Yee haw, wifey went John Buck yesterday going 6-2.

Yeah she beat my measly 5-3 record and she’s a little too happy about this.

It’s my turn for revenge!

Stanford Cardinal vs. Kansas Jayhawks

Wifey’s pick: Jayhawks

Sal’s pick: Jayhawks

Wifey’s rationale: She originally went with the Cardinal, but when she googled to see what their mascot was and found out it was a Christmas tree she quickly changed her mind.

Kentucky Wildcats vs. Wichita State Shockers

Wifey’s pick: Shockers

Sal’s pick: Shockers

Wifey’s rationale: How do you think a Wildcat would react when you gave it the shocker? Would it fight back or cower in shame? She’s betting on the latter

Poor kitty

Poor kitty

UNC Tarheels vs. Iowa St. Cyclones

Wifey’s pick: Tarheels

Sal’s pick: Cyclones

Wifey’s rationale: Their tar heels are so sticky the cyclones wouldn’t be able to blow them away…sounds reasonable

Mercer Bears vs. Tennessee Volunteers

Wifey’s pick: Bears

Sal’s pick: Volunteers

Wifey’s rationale: The usual battle scenario. Simple. A bear would maul a volunteer…duh

SFA Lumberjacks vs. UCLA Bruins

Wifey’s pick: Lumberjacks

Sals’ pick: Bruins

Wifey’s rationale: Check out their mascot…nuff said

Pure Beef

Pure Beef

Baylor Bears vs. Creighton Blue Jays

Wifey’s pick: Bears

Sal’s pick: Bears

Wifey’s rationale: Blue Jays are too cute, the Bears would crush them

Memphis Tigers vs. Virginia Cavaliers

Wifey’s pick: Tigers

Sal’s pick: Cavaliers

Wifey’s rationale: Because their grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat!

I bet Tony could ball a bit

I bet Tony could ball a bit

Gonzaga Bulldogs vs. Arizona Wildcats

Wifey’s pick: Bulldogs

Sal’s pick: Wildcats

Wifey’s rationale: She’s grown to really dislike wildcats…overrated ferocity

That underbite would intimidate anything

That underbite would intimidate anything