Wife’s Bracket Buster – Day 5

The sweet 16 begins tomorrow and the wife is itching to make some picks (ok, maybe the itching has more to do with spring allergies than basketball).

Wifey’s record took a major hit after a poor day 4 showing (1-7).

Here are the overall records:

Wifey: 24-24

Sal: 35-13

Yeah I’m dominating, but I should be…let’s see if I can keep it up.

Onto the picks.

Florida Gators vs. UCLA Bruins

Wifey’s pick: Bruins

Sal’s pick: Gators

Wifey’s rationale: Would be an epic battle, but a bear is just too big for a gator to take down

You a scary bear kid

You a scary bear kid

Arizona Wildcats vs. San Diego St. Aztecs

Wifey’s pick: Aztecs

Sal’s pick: Wildcats

Wifey’s rationale: Didn’t I tell you already I don’t like wildcats? They’re puny and Aztecs are ruthless

Dayton Flyers vs. Stanford Cardinal

Wifey’s pick: Flyers

Sal’s pick: Cardinal

Wifey’s rationale: They haven’t let me down so far… so as a famous rapper once said, ride or die bitch (ok, I may have added that last part in for the wife)

Did he pick the Flyers too?

Did he pick the Flyers too?

Baylor Bears vs. Wisconsin Badgers

Wifey’s pick: Bears

Sal’s pick: Bears

Wifey’s rationale: Too obvious. (I attempt to probe for more). Bears would kill badgers. (why? I ask). What do you mean? You serious? Bears are 10 times the size

Cute little rascals eh?

Cute little rascals eh?