Wife’s Bracket Buster – Day 6

Seriously, who are these Dayton Flyers?

I’m going to buy the wife a Dayton jersey as this is now her favourite team.

As I type this I’ve already gone 0-2 while the wife is 1-1.

I have a feeling I’ll end up 1-3 with wifey going 3-1.

Oh well, she was due for a bounce back night.

Let’s see if she can keep it up.

Virginia Cavaliers vs. Michigan St. Spartans

Wifey’s pick: Spartans

Sal’s pick: Spartans

Wifey’s rationale: SPARTA!!!

These cars don't stand a chance

These cars don’t stand a chance

Kentucky Wildcats vs. Louisville Cardinals

Wifey’s pick: Cardinals

Sal’s pick: Cardinals

Wifey’s rationale: You know how I feel about wildcats by now (not sure what these cats ever did to her, but man, she don’t like dem cats)

Iowa St. Cyclones vs. UConn Huskies

Wifey’s pick: Cyclones

Sal’s pick: Cyclones

Wifey’s rationale: I don’t think anything can beat a natural disaster…except maybe a mythical creature

Tennessee Volunteers vs. Michigan Wolverines

Wifey’s pick: Wolverines

Sal’s pick: Wolverines

Wifey’s rationale: She’s now envisioning the X-Men version and we all know he’s unstoppable

Wolverine's poop face. Image: Twentieth Century Fox

Wolverine’s poop face. Image: Twentieth Century Fox

Looks like wifey and I are making all the same picks for tomorrow.

That means we’re a lock to go 4-0 😉