Wife’s Bracket Buster – Final Four Edition

I’m a little late getting the wife’s picks in. The first game is already in the 2nd half, but you just have to trust me that she made these picks yesterday. I blame bar starring like a 22 year old last night on my tardiness.

UConn Huskies vs. Florida Gators

Wifey’s pick: Huskies

Sal’s pick: Gators

Wifey’s rationale: This time she also looked at where the “animals” call home. Her thoughts are that animals from hot places are lazier than their cold weather brethren. As I’m typing this the Huskies are up 7 points with under 7 minutes to go…wow

Bow wow wow

Bow wow wow

Wisconsin Badgers vs. Kentucky Wildcats

Wifey’s pick: Badgers

Sal’s pick: Wildcats

Wifey’s rationale: “I’m on Bucky’s team now.” I tried to get more out of her,  but she just kept saying Bucky…looks like the wife just likes going buck…buck wild..wildly buck…bucker than buck…uncle buck…ok I’ll stop.

Going buck

Going buck