Love you forever Lu

Love you forever Lu

It’s been awhile since I last click clacked the keyboard for this blog. If there was a moment that would bring me back it would be the return of my all-time favourite Canuck. Roberto Luongo, the Canucks greatest goaltender returns to Vancouver tonight. There will be a lot of different emotions in the stands tonight. There will be the lovers who will stand and yell LUUUUUUUU, there will be the haters who will sneer and say he was overpaid and overrated and there will be the angry who will think back to how the Canucks had the best 1-2 goalie tandem in the league all to see it disappear in a flash for a 3rd liner, a minor league goalie and a young kid named Bo. Which one of those fans are you? You might be a mixture or maybe even all 3. No matter which side of the fence you are on you cannot deny the Canucks were the best they ever were when #1 was between the pipes. The division titles, the President trophies, the 2011 Stanley Cup run were all made possible by Lu.

On local sports radio today there was a debate on whether the Canucks should retire Lu’s jersey down the road. It wasn’t a shock to me that there were people against the idea, but what did shock me was the amount of hate that poured in from callers. Honestly, what does it take for people in Vancouver to like a goalie? It’s not enough that he was incredible on the ice and an entertaining guy off the ice? That he was able to excel in a pressure packed market and never whine, complain or call reporters idiots (thanks Phil)? The city of Vancouver and their relationship with goalies is just ludicrous. However, I think I’ve come up with the ideal goalie for the Vancouver market:

  • Cheap contract, ideally close to the league minimum in salary (high priced goalies are the devil obviously)
  • Not a high draft pick or a highly sought after prospect (way too many expectations with those)
  • Puts up hall of fame numbers and never loses a playoff game…real goalies don’t lose playoff games
  • Never lets in a soft goal, only goals he gives up are on 5 on nothing breakaways
  • Can also cure cancer and deliver babies

Yes, I get he irked many by wanting to return to Florida to be close to his family. The whole, “he didn’t want to be here so I hate him so much…argh…hate hate hate” angle. Well let me put it to you this way…if you gave everything you had to a city for 8 years and brought them so much joy and happiness and all that city gave you was “we want Schneider!” How would you feel? Or how about a management team that rewards you for your stellar service with a contract that will keep you a Canuck forever and only to see that same management team announce your young unproven back-up will now be the future. Would you still be happy? Or how about to top it all off, after you’ve basically been written off as scrap metal the team has a change of heart and wants you to be the saviour again…only to see your team poop on your face by giving your back up goalie the start in a game you’ve always wanted to play in. C’mon now!!! Requesting out after all that shit is not unreasonable and you haters know it. So if any Lu haters have tickets for tonights game don’t come or better yet give them to a real fan who will appreciate the best goalie the Canucks have ever had.

To all my fellow Lu fans, I know you’re all secretly cheering for a Lu shutout tonight. I know I am…well I guess that makes it not a secret after all.