Wifey’s Bracket Buster 2015 – Day 3 and 4

march madness

I’m a little late with the March Madness predictions because of a juicy (terrible word usage) case of the stomach flu. For those of you unfamiliar with wifey’s predictions and how she makes them click here. We’ve already missed some of the games on day 3 so we better hurry up and get to it before we miss anymore.

Georgia State Panthers vs Xavier Musketeers 

Wifey chooses: Musketeers

Sal chooses: Musketeers

Wifey’s rationale: She struggled with this one. She wanted to know about each school’s background. For some reason when I told her Xavier is a Jesuit Catholic university she immediately chose them. When poked further she said a Jesuit Catholic musketeer sounds unstoppable.

N.C. State Wolfpack vs Villanova Wildcats

Wifey chooses: Wolfpack

Sal chooses: Wildcats

Wifey’s rationale: The Wolfpack because they sound organized unlike your socks and underwear drawer

Utah Utes vs Georgetown Hoyas

Wifey chooses: Utes

Sal chooses: Utes

Wifey’s rationale: It came down to examining the school’s respective mascots. She felt the Hoya bulldog would be defenceless against the Utah hawk…poor doggy

Arkansas Razorbacks vs North Carolina Tar Heels

Wifey chooses: Tar Heels

Sal chooses: Tar Heels

Wifey’s rationale: “I’m a little biased on this one. I saw that commercial with Jordan in a Tar Heel jersey. If he played there they must be good.”

Butler Bulldogs vs Notre Dame Fighting Irish

Wifey chooses: Irish

Sal chooses: Irish

Wifey’s rationale: “Easiest pick of the day, have to go with my Irish clansmen”

Michigan State Spartans vs Virginia Cavaliers

Wifey chooses: Cavaliers

Sal chooses: Cavaliers

Wifey’s rationale: Hmmm, this is tough. Psychotic dudes with 6-packs or sword wielding soldiers on horseback. Horsies win.

San Diego State Aztecs vs Duke Blue Devils

Wifey chooses: Aztecs

Sal chooses: Aztecs

Wifey’s rationale: We are going to San Diego in a couple weeks. Better pick them for some good karma.

Wichita State Shockers vs Kansas Jayhawks

Wifey chooses: Jayhawks

Sal chooses: Jayhawks

Wifey’s rationale: “I only picked the Jayhawks because I assumed since you’re a sick pervert you’d auto pick the Shockers.” No wifey, you are the pervert. Everyone knows the team name is about harvesting wheat and not harvesting poop and hoo hah juices.

Dayton Flyers vs Oklahoma Sooners

Wifey chooses: Flyers

Sal chooses: Sooners

Wifey’s rationale: I liked their mascot last year and I’m sticking by him this year.

dayton flyer

Iowa Hawkeyes vs Gonzaga Bulldogs

Wifey chooses: Bulldogs

Sal chooses: Bulldogs

Wifey’s rationale: I like things that are fat and drooly…what you looking at? You’re not drooly at all honey.

Oregon Ducks vs Wisconsin Badgers

Wifey chooses: Badgers

Sal chooses: Badgers

Wifey’s rationale: I went against Bucky last year and he showed me up.

Northern Iowa Panthers vs Louisville Cardinals

Wifey chooses: Panthers

Sal chooses: Panthers

Wifey’s rationale: A bird versus a large cat? I feel we’ve gone over this before. The bird shouldn’t have a chance.

West Virginia Mountaineers vs Maryland Terrapins

Wifey chooses: Mountaineers

Sal chooses: Terrapins

Wifey’s rationale: Mountainmen versus a turtle? C’mob now. Unless these are ninja turtles…are they ninja turtles? No? Well why did you hint that they might be? You sassing me boy?

maryland terrapin