Wifey’s Bracket Buster 2015 – Sweet 16 Day 1

Wifey’s record so far: 8-5

Sal’s record: 7-6

Yes wifey has a slight lead on me so far, but I’m pretty confident this will change after the sweet 16 is over and done with. On a tight timeline here tonight so skipping the foreplay and going straight to the picks.

Wichita St. Shockers vs. Notre Dame Fighting Irish

Wifey chooses: Irish

Sal chooses: Shockers

Wifey’s rationale: Seriously, you want me to repeat what I said last time? I’m part Irish silly. Well wifey, I’m full pervert and the Irish are gunna get 

North Carolina Tar Heels vs Wisconsin Badgers

Wifey chooses: Badgers

Sal chooses: Tar Heels

Wifey’s rationale: Like I said last time, I’m riding this badger till I can’t ride no mo no mo no mo (slight exaggeration of what she actually said, but oh well)

West Virginia Mountaineers vs Kentucky Wildcats

Wifey chooses: Wildcats

Sal chooses: Wildcats

Wifey’s rationale: I picture this battle happening up in the mountains and I see no way the mountaineers could fend off a pack of wildcats. Unless of course these mountaineers were packing heat…then it would be a different story…but then again maybe the wildcats have armour like Battle Cat in He-Man.

Xavier Musketeers vs Arizona Wildcats

Wifey chooses: Musketeers

Sal chooses: Wildcats

Wifey’s rationale: More friggin’ cats? Well at least this time the dudes for sure have guns. Boom…dead kitties.