Wifey’s Bracket Buster 2015 – Sweet 16 Day 2

Wifey’s record: 11-6

Sal’s record: 9-8

Wifey almost had the clean sweep with yesterday’s picks. She’s going with all the underdogs on day 2 of the sweet 16. I need to catch up…this is getting embarrassing…Let’s do this.

UCLA Bruins vs Gonzaga Bulldogs

Wifey chooses: Bruins

Sal chooses: Bulldogs

Wifey’s rationale: “There’s no way a bulldog would have a chance in a fight with a bear.” Fair enough wifey, fair enough. However, I’m going with the Bulldogs and their 2 Canadian stars. These dogs have bite.

Kyle Wiltjer

Kyle Wiltjer

N.C. State Wolfpack vs Louisville Cardinals

Wifey chooses: Wolfpack

Sal chooses: Cardinals

Wifey’s rationale: “I’m going to stick with the bigger animal theme here. A pack of wolves versus a flock of birds. It’s true the birds would have the aerial advantage, but they’d have to come down to the ground at some point to battle. The birds might get a few good pecks in, but one swipe or bite from the wolves and it’s game over.” Solid rationale wifey and the Wolfpack has already beaten the Cardinals this year. However, I’m going with the revenge factor in this game and I’m thinking the birds peck their way to victory.

Utah Utes vs Duke Blue Devils

Wifey chooses: Utes

Sal chooses: Blue Devils

Wifey’s rationale: “I know you’re choosing the Blue Devils because you’ve told me in the past they are good. So I’m picking the Utes because your picks this year stink more than our sons diaper.” Getting mean now wifey. I actually think you might be on to something with your pick here, but Duke’s Okafor has been unstoppable so far and I don’t see the Utes being able to contain this beast.

Jahlil Okafor

Jahlil Okafor

Michigan State Spartans vs Oklahoma Sooners

Wifey chooses: Spartans

Sal chooses: Sooners

Wifey’s rationale: “Spartans are warriors in a structured army. Sooners are just a bunch of settlers with wagons looking for land. Even though the Sooners likely have guns, they aren’t soldiers and the Spartan army would eventually overwhelm them.” That might be your best rationale yet Wifey. I’m honestly just picking the Sooners because you picked the Spartans. I’m basically giving you this one.