Wifey’s Bracket Buster 2015 – Final Four

Wifey’s record: 15-10

Sal’s record: 14-11

Wifey and I are basking in the sun in San Diego this weekend so this post will be short and sweet. This free hotel wifi is a little shady.

Onto the Picks…

Kentucky Wildcats vs Wisconsin Badgers

Wifey’s pick: Badgers

Sal’s pick: Wildcats

Wifey’s rationale: “Bucky the Badger all the way! What? The Wildcats are undefeated? Meh, gotta lose sometime.” I have a feeling you’re right here wifey, but I need to catch up to you somehow.

Duke Blue Devils vs Michigan St. Spartans

Wifey’s pick: Spartans

Sal’s pick: Blue Devils

Wifey’s rationale: “I said both team names to Rowan (our 10 month old son) and he only smiled at the Spartans. Gotta go with the cuteness.” Argh, I got nothing to say…I give up, I’m going to the pool.