My name is Alex Factor, but most people call me Sal.

Me and the wife

Im married to a stunner named Tara and we live in the heart of downtown Vancouver.
Ive watched and played sports my entire life. Moreso watching now…ok maybe 90% watching.
No one in my family watches or plays sports so Im not really sure how I got so obsessed with it. I think I just ended up watching whatever came on after saturday cartoons.

Baseball is my first love, but hockey and football are close seconds. Basketball is a distant 3rd now, might even be 4th behind soccer (ill save my NBA rants for later).

My ultimate dream/goal would be to have a career talking about sports. I mean after kissing my wife in the morning its the first thing I watch/read about.

Ok now that I sound like a crazed sports lunatic I’ll just end off by quoting a famous filipino lady…

“you neber know”
– Mom