NFL Week 1 Recap

My lazy Sunday’s and unproductive Monday nights have returned much to the chagrin of wifey. What a great first week of play, unless you picked Cleveland or KC in your survivor pool (my choice was Houston…yay). Lets do my highlights rapid fire style.

  • How did Cleveland lose their home opener to Cincinnati? Yikes! However, I still think Cleveland will be a decent 8-9 win team this year and I still think Cincinnati will be an awful 3-4 win team.
Really Peyton?

Image by Photography by Hank via Flickr

  • My prediction on KC’s season win total does not look good right now even though it’s just been one game. They lost their best defensive player Eric Berry for the season in week 1. Add that to the loss of one of their main offensive targets in Moeaki and you’ve got some major trouble.
  • Baltimore and Houston blew out long time division rivals and looked dominant in doing so.
  • It looks like you can stick any running back in that Houston offence and they could be this year’s fantasy football stud.

AP Photo

  • I should have picked Joe Flacco as my QB in fantasy, he looks poised for a career year.
Joe Flacco

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  • Cam Newton went bananas and had an unreal debut, albeit against a defence that would have trouble stopping Travis Lulay and the BC Lions.
  • Donovan McNabb was awful, 39 yards passing? Like I said before, just give it to AP.
  • Tom Brady says screw all y’all, Mike Vick who? I am the true QB pimp with his ridiculous 517 yard passing day
Tom Brady

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  • That Giants d looks really bad, too many injuries to overcome. If Rex Grossman can put up 300+ yards…look out!
  • Is Detroit gonna win the Super Bowl 🙂

A not so great start to my weekly spread picks. I went 7-7-1 with my picks this week. Not bad, but I’m aiming for at least a 60% win rate by the end of the year. I’ll do better next week…maybe 😉